About Us

EcoPhoto International is a non-profit endeavor of Ronald B. Davis to provide photographic services for projects in field research, environmental education, and conservation.  Its operations are carried out entirely by Ron and an assistant.  Ron is a scientist and educator who has used photography to enhance his work for over 40 years.  He is a biologist, ecologist, and photographer with a PhD in zoology from Cornell University.  ron-portrait-in-black-frame-smallHis expertise includes ecology of forests, lakes, and wetlands, and Quaternary paleoecology.   His photos focus on nature and persons studying  it, teaching about it,  and protecting it.

Ron has been a long-term faculty member at Colby College and the University of Maine, and has held short-term research appointments at Yale University, University of Washington, Trinity College Dublin, University of London, and the Norwegian Forest Research Institute.

Ron has illustrated his lectures at universities and other venues around the world with his outstanding images of a wide range of natural history subjects.  His photographs have appeared in scientific and popular publications.  He is a world traveler who has photographed wildlife and their habitats, and persons engaged in field research and conservation projects in many parts of North America including Alaska, Central and South America, Caribbean islands, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and East and South Africa.

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