Terms of Service

Services are available only to non-profit groups whose primary purpose is one or more of the following:

  • field research in natural and environmental sciences
  • archeology
  • conservation and protection of natural resources and biodiversity
  • environmental education

EcoPhoto International works on an expense-only contractual basis.  Clients are expected to cover all reasonable expenses of a photographer and assistant.

Digital photo files are supplied to client.  Prints in a range of sizes are supplied on request.  Client shares ownership of digital files with EcoPhoto International.   Client and EI may use files and prints only for purposes specified in contract.  A specimen contract is available on request.

Inquiries for EI services should be submitted at least six months in advance.  The signed contract with first half of payment must be returned to EI at least four months prior to beginning of services.  The second half of payment is due within one month of receipt by client of digital files and any prints.

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