Why Engage Us?

Why engage EcoPhoto International?

  • Field work requires intense focus on the subjects of study, often under rigorous conditions, making it difficult for a researcher to obtain a complete, high quality photographic record of her/his work.

  • Photographs may be essential for full description of research field sites, methods, and results.

  • Photographs greatly enhance or are essential for publications, reports, Powerpoint presentations, grant applications, and publicity.

  • EcoPhoto International coordinates its work with you at your field site, and provides digital photo files and prints of field operations according to your needs.

EcoPhoto International subjects include:

  • Animals, plants, and macrofungi
  • Habitats and field sites, including aerials
  • Geological specimens, exposures, sites, and landscapes
  • Archeological specimens, excavations, and settings
  • Paleontological specimens, excavations, and settings
  • Researchers at work in the field including handling specimens
  • Conservationists working with local villagers
  • Field facilities and equipment in use including vehicles, boats, and aircraft
  • Other
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